The process:

"The System" Installation

964 System Door speaker installation:

nakseps2.jpg (93714 bytes)

The above picture shows the 911 and 964 door panel with component speakers removed.  The wire is in place to connect the crossover's outputs to the midrange and tweeter  Read the speaker installation instructions for details speaker removal and installation.  (For detail on the tweeter mounting, see tweeter mounting instructions).


nakseps3.jpg (82724 bytes)

Here the drivers are mounted in place, and the crossover is wired.   We'll install the map pocket and "wedge" the crossover in place as the map pocket's installed.  No screws required to mount the crossover.  Focal crossovers and many others like this Nakamichi will fit in this factory crossover location!

nakseps4.jpg (133101 bytes)

All Done!

964/993 Amplifier Installation


This picture shows under the passenger seat where we'll mount the amplifier.  No need to disconnect any wires.  But make sure that the power seat connector/wire have enough slack to allow full movement of the seat.

I've mounted the amplifier in this photo and connected the wires and even used zip ties to make the wires bundled and neat.  The amp's ground is simply connected to the inboard seat rail where I've scraped the paint away and driven a screw through the ring terminal on the 8 gauge black wire.  You can also see the passenger side subwoofer lead with connectors crimped on awaiting sub installation to the left.   It might be best to mount the amp on top of the rear floor mat so it doesn't cover the amp later.  The amplifier will usually pinch the assorted control modules and relays against the floor, but not very tightly.  Everything is snug, but not tightened enough to stress anything.

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