The Porsche 996/997

Subwoofer Package

Are you missing the lower range of your music?
Once again, Rod and crew have solved the problem with lacking and poor quality bass response in the 1999-2013 Porsche Carrera, Carrera 4, C4S, TT, and cabriolet) with several different subwoofer enclosures, with different levels for different budgets.  Some that fit the coupe only, some that fit both cab and coupe.  Ask us about running some quality door midbass drivers to really help fill in the entire musical range.  'Great for any high quality well recorded music.  We also have great quality headunits (AM/FM/CD/Navigation/Hands Free Bluetooth) with obvious sound quality that makes a big difference-(and look oem!), especially when mated to quality amplifiers and nice component speakers.  We can provide everything you need to install your own system.  All quality components that we're tried and proven over many years specifically on audio systems for the Porsche.  We can provide detailed installation instructions with your order with pictures, etc, and toll free tech support.  Rod travels to install on 911's, inquire about having the creator of "the system" himself perform his work on your vehicle, in your garage.  So far, travelling has led Rod to at least 40 different Porsche owners' houses.  Pickup and delivery available in the Sacramento and SF Bay Area.  Read our customer comments page if you get a chance, and we welcome comments, questions, and feedback.  1-800-892-6430 9-7 PST Mon-Sat.

"Absolutely incredible difference.  I have owned 911's for over 20 years, many audio experiments: this one is by far the best"  -Don Coburn - Bedford, NH

If you are not completely satisfied with the subwoofer package,
we'll pick it up and issue a full refund, including shipping!

"I am delighted with the system, in particular the look and sound of the subwoofers.  I am a fanatic of the factory look.  Porsche could not have done a better job themselves.  I feel this investment will add value to the car."  Konrad Alvarino-Summerfield, NC

Car Audio Innovations

Porsche Subwoofer enclosures

Easy to install!

OEM factory style appearance!

Over 700 sold to Porsche 911 owners!

They go to Eleven!

996 Coupe: One of two subwoofer packages we build for the Porsche 996 coupe  (1999+, C2, C4, C4S, TT):

This is the Level 1 996/997 coupe subwoofer enclosure with grill in place, $899, utilizing three 6.5" subwoofers.

(Above) This is the same Level 1 996/997 coupe subwoofer package installed with the grill removed to show the subs.

(Above) Level 2 996/997 coupe subwoofer package shown, $3999 with high quality 8" Utopia Berillium subwoofers.

(This setup is painted to match the exterior of your car, with a high gloss clearcoated finish!)

This is another picture of the Level 2 996/997 coupe package, with grills removed, exposing (gasp!) the Focal 8" Utopia Be subwoofers. 

One version (Level 1) of our 996 sub enclosure is a solid box built with MDF (wood) and wrapped in factory 996 carpet.  This houses a trio of 6.5" subwoofers in a sealed configuration.  It's similar to the Bose enclosure in the later 996's, only there is a grill on top and no seam in the carpet. (And Bose didn't present theirs until 2 years after the above one was built at our shop by me). Theirs is also flimsy plastic, reducing subwoofer efficiency and providing surfaces that can resonate and color the sound produced, all but preventing them from producing tight, good quality bass.  A custom grill included is rectangular on the Level 1 setup, making it difficult to distinguish any audio upgrades at all.  The second coupe option is the Level 2 custom fiberglass enclosure as seen above with dual Focal Berillium 8" subwoofers (subs are $1200 each, included in total price), painted to match the exterior of your car. This option also allows rear seats to function fully and is more visible from outside the car, unless your rear window has dark tint.

PKGSEC996.1: Level 1: Complete wood enclosure w/3 6.5" subwoofers, factory carpet, custom grill..................................$899

PKGSEC996.2: Level 2: Complete custom fiberglass enclosure w/ two Focal Utopia Berillium 8" subs, sealed w/grills.............$3999

(both versions sit on the rear shelf behind the rear seats and do not affect rear seat function.)


Then we have the 996/997 cabriolet & coupe style subwoofer enclosures:

Works with All '98 and up 911's, Cabriolet, Hard Top, C2, & C4. 996-cab2 Kenwood Hand Laid Fiberglass Construction. Color Matched to Your Porsche Interior. OEM Fit and Finish. IMG_2599 Optional Passenger Side Only Configuration $699. Website Photo Galleries by v5.3

(996/997 cabriolet style enclosures, (rear footwell location) with dual 8" subs)

Porsche 996/997 rear floor (1999-2013 coupe or cab) subwoofer package (shown above):

            These 996/997 rear floor enclosures come in pairs.  Three words:  Custom Fiberglass Fabrication.  The rear of the enclosure is molded to sit in the rear floor area similar to the earlier 911 enclosure models. Seat travel is only affected 1and 5/8" from rearmost travel, keep in mind the 996/997 seats travel extremely far towards the rear of the car. 

PKGSEC996cab - Enclosure pair, vinyl wrapped w/Shallow Kenwood Excelon (8 subs) & custom grills.......$1299/pair 

(Or have your pair custom painted to match your car's exterior with a flawless, high gloss finish, clearcoated with a urethane clear that you can wax for an additional $650.  (Approximately 15 add'l hours required, with some custom labor, paintwork, and some materials).

(Ask us about matching this package with some 3-way components for the doors, dash, and rear, for a smooth sounding, true 4 way system that'll knock your socks off.)

For the 996, 986 Boxster and Boxster S:

We're also achieving good results with good quality 5" subs in the factory door locations, when properly mounted-please inquire for details!

With high quality amplifiers, a hand selected system wiring kit for no annoying alternator whine or other "noise" in your system, and instructions on how to get the most for your money with high quality, proven equipment with real factory warranty and advance replacement warranty service.  Free shipping on most orders over $1000.  We have 7" LCD indash screens/headunits (AM/FM/CD/DVD), motorized and fixed in place like a factory unit (but the one we supply has smooth frequency response, reliability, and in most cases, 24 bit D/A converters and good clean preamp voltage).  Handsfree Bluetooth, Satellite radio, Ipod integration and navigation, radar detectors....  We can show you how to get the absolute most for your money with a system that'll outperform many systems costing more money, and our setup will look more aesthetically integrated, even stock in most cases.  (It looks the same, but it sounds a thousand times better!)

Please call 1-800-892-6430, questions are always welcome.

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