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The Porsche 911 

Sub Enclosure

Are you missing the lower range of your music?
The Porsche Sound System Expert has solved your problem with these handbuilt enclosure panels that fit the 1989.5-1998 Porsche 911 964, (Turbo, C2, C4, coupe, cab, Speedster) & 993 (C2, C4, C4S, TT) and give you that "factory original appearance"! Many 911 owners are enjoying what they call sparkling, rich, detailed bass without that annoying boomy sound!

"Absolutely incredible difference.  I have owned 911's for over 20 years, many audio experiments: this one is by far the best"  -Don Coburn - Bedford, NH

If you are not completely satisfied with the enclosure,
we'll pick it up and issue a full refund, including shipping!

"I am delighted with the system, in particular the look and sound of the subwoofers.  I am a fanatic of the factory look.  Porsche could not have done a better job themselves.  I feel this investment will add value to the car."  Konrad Alvarino-Summerfield, NC

Car Audio Innovations

Porsche Subwoofer enclosure panels

Easy to install!

OEM factory style appearance!

Over 700 sold to Porsche 911 owners!

They go to Eleven!

            Our enclosure panel layout for the 964 and 993 include one pair, left and right, of solid, braced, custom panels that fit into the rear floor areas and create two sealed enclosures in your interior.  Constructed of 1/2” MDF and creating a sealed air volume of about .3 cubic feet per sub.  The enclosure panels are appropriate for any high quality 8” subwoofers designed for small sealed applications.  We've used more than 20 different brand and model subs in these panels, let us know which you want to try and we'll relay our experience.  If you go with the subwoofer package with subs, fully assembled and free grills mounted as well, we know you'll be happy, since these are the best subs we've found so far, priced for 3 budgets.

(Model SEC964 for the 1989.5-1994, model SEC993 fits 1995-1998 cars.)

 Level 1: Basic enclosure panels w/factory carpet, lined and stuffed .........................  $379

Level 2: Complete enclosure with (2) high quality 8W3 8" subs, grilles included ......  $699

Level 3:  Complete enclosure with 2 Focal Polyglass 8” subs, grills included…….. $999

(“one side” individual enclosure not recommend)

Our enclosure panels loaded with the Focal subs.

       Another installation, we use factory carpet from Germany to wrap these and get that perfect match!

 These enclosures attach to the floor with 4 screws per side without any modifications to the vehicle.  The installed enclosure may restrict your seat from traveling all the way back, but less than an inch of travel lost, and usually no seat travel is lost.

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