Bill's Porsche 993 C4S

Or "how to get a widebody non-turbocharged Porsche with the twin turbo brakes and suspension, with all wheel drive, into a beautiful, remarkable looking machine."  This is a dream car of mine.

Bill had already brought his previous car to my home in South Sac for an installation, and that car was a slightly older Porsche 911, a 964 model Carrera 2 (and also a very nice car!). Now he has this beautiful 1997 Porsche 993 Carrera C4S. The C4S is the sport version of the all wheel drive Carrera 4, with the wider flares, suspension, and brakes of the almighty Twin Turbo. Gorgeous car, in just perfect condition.

wpe1.jpg (35191 bytes)

Bill didn’t want to get our custom subwoofer enclosure, (doh), but wanted a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

We installed a nice big MTX amplifier, some Kenwood rear speakers, and some Focal Polyglass components in the front doors.

I didn’t expect that much bass, wow, but then again - these are Focals! (Pronounced FOE CAL)

wpe2.jpg (29200 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (24498 bytes)

Here are the Focal 6.5" Polyglass component speakers. The tweeter fits inside the factory tweeter housing, and the lower speaker shows how the Focal grill matches the trim of the car very well.

wpe4.jpg (25065 bytes)

This car looks good sitting still! Thank you again Bill!

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