This just in! (October 15th, 2006) we were honored to work with George Barris, (

( read this article about him: )

George Barris has been credited with painting "Lil Bastard" on James Dean's Porsche Spyder.  Barris built the very first Batmobile and MonkeeMobile, Munster's Coach, The Car, etc., he put the Kustomizing into customizing cars.  With 60 years in the business, George is still going strong, and it was an absolute honor to meet, shake hands, and do some work for him on the MonkeeMobile for the big 2006 SEMA convention/show in Las Vegas.  Matt and Rod (Matt mostly, even 99%) has been working on some custom fabrication for multiple Arc Audio amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers in the MonkeeMobile, and the car sounds really good.  Demitrious Karabinis  of Arc Audio has donated the equipment and also assisted with the work on this car as well as a few other SEMA show cars.  We're happy to help with them too!  The MonkeeMobile has received an overhaul by Mike and his crew of Advanced Restorations & Auto Body of Sacramento ( ) .  It has a fresh motor, upgraded brakes, body off, powdercoated frame, redesigned structure on the front end so that it's removable and serviceable.  All mechanical, body and paintwork is being done to absolute showcar standards.  Flawless work, genuine gold leaf on the side (Monkees logo), like an unlimited total restoration and showcar build of a car that was originally customized (Kustomized by Barris!) back in the 60's!  Modern technology and the very latest in ultra high quality body and paintwork throughout.  This car was already worthy of the Peterson Museum!!!) ACME Tops n Tunes did a bunch of nice upholstery work and a new top, vinyl wrapping Matt's creations (door speaker pods, subwoofer enclosures, amp racks) to match.  Tony Camara cut a clear acrylic sheet with the Monkees logo, which Matt edgelit with red LED's.  Good job Matt!  ARC Audio would like the Monkees car in their booth, Flowmaster wants the car in their booth, but the big guys in charge of the SEMA show will probably win, they want it right inside the main entrance to the show so everyone sees it!

The first generation Batmobile was also worked on recently in the Sacramento area by these same people, and then it was on display for the State Fair and then Concours at Serrano in El Dorado Hills.  It seems George Barris is a local, he grew up in Roseville, where Car Audio Innovations (our shop) is located.

This is where I (Rod) met George, at our (CAI) booth at Concours at Serrano, El Dorado Hills, CA, 2006. 

It's George Barris!

Here's part of the crew from Advanced Restorations (the owners (with son Robby) Krystal and Mike Gray), George Barris and me (Rod Birch)

Here is some great work by ACME (upholstery), Matt from Car Audio Innovations (all custom fabrication and installation work), and Tony Camara's custom cut plexi window.  This is seen peering into the MonkeesMobile through the rear window.